Over the years, Seeing Things has been part of Nespresso's campaigns and activations in the Middle East and North Africa. Our team has provided a complete packaged service from photography, film, production, creative direction, graphic design, content creation, food styling, and event coverage.

In 2021, we produced a large-scale photo and video for Nespresso's Ramadan campaign for the Middle East and North Africa. The brief was to create visuals that celebrate the culture and heritage of the region during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Between our talented in-house team and our extensive network of freelancers, we were ready to take on every aspect of this project. We developed an extensive production plan that included creative direction, set design, prop production, and food styling and made the four-day photo and video shoot efficient and successful.

One of our most notable projects include the production of their Ramadan Recipe Book, which included photography, styling, and graphic design.

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