In 2021, Seeing Things were commissioned by  the UAE Pavilion at Expo to produce images for two series: Generations and The Dreamers Lab.

Generations is a series of portraits with multi-generational families to celebrate their contributions to the development of the United Arab Emirates. The Dreamers Lab captures individuals from a diverse and inclusive community, devoting themselves to making our planet healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable. 

Our team had the pleasure of learning so much while we were on the journey of capturing the portraits of these incredibly inspiring people.


The Dreamers Lab

Project Commissioner: UAE Pavilion at Expo
Exhibition Designer: Tellart and Kossmanndejong
Art Director: Selena Mackenzie

Produced by: Seeing Things
Producer: Krista Leiann
Creative Producer & Researcher: Raheed Allaf
Assistant: Nino Consorte
DIT: Musthafa Aboobacker